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About us

We are a team which will listen to you and not just to our own voices !

With Talk-First, our combined experience and skills to offer you a service that will help you make the transition from the thought to the spoken word. We are a team fully capable of analysing your specific needs and we know that you have the linguistic capacity.

Our goal is to help you realise your objectives and attain your optimal potential.


Sonya is a native English speaker with 15 years' professional experience working in London, Frankfurt, Paris and New York. Since 2003, Sonya has worked for individual companies and for the French National Education Authorities both teaching English and offering translation services. Here is a summary of her C.V. :

LICENSED TOMATIS® PRACTITIONER: Sonya Loi FRANCIS. Tomatis® Practitioner (Level 1), licensed by Tomatis Development SA (TDSA). Solisten® Language Integration course (Paris 2012).
       Specialised Domain : Foreign Language Acquisition, in particular English as a Foreign Language.