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Your Speaking Skills : Talk First's priority !

Having optimised your linguistic potential in Step 1 with the Solisten® program and in Step 2 with the Talks®, move on to Step 3 with "You Talk!".

Discover the Tomatis Method


This third phase consolidates the fundamentals of successful speaking and listening communication. Talk First's language courses will allow you to make the transition from the thought to the spoken word :

Over to You !

Put your ears and voice to the test. Make yourself understood in the target language and learn to understand it more easily despite people's accents and the speed at which they speak. The "Over To You" module can be integrated into the 3-week break between the 2 Solisten sessions of Step 1.

    Duration :   15 hours over 3 weeks (5 hours per week)

    Intensive course :   A 15-hour week

    Group size :   Maximum 6 participants

    Dates & Pricelist

Speaker's Corner

Take part in debates, ask questions, give your opinion, defend your standpoint, explain yourself. Talk First gives you the communicative tools which allow you to say what you mean in a constructive manner.

    Duration :   3 hours per week

    Group size :   Maximum 8 participants

    Dates & Pricelist

One-Day Immersion Class

Speak the foreign language from dawn to dusk! Talk First offers you the opportunity to practise speaking the target language on a regular basis. During this one-day immersion class, leave your mother tongue at home !

The last Friday of every month. Enrole 3 weeks in advance and benefit from a 10% reduction !

    Duration :   From 10 am to 5 pm (7 hours)

    Group size :   Maximum 8 participants

    Dates & Pricelist

The Communication Pass

Re-enact real life every-day scenarios and participate in role-plays. Make useful sentences and expressions a communicative reflex.

    Duration :   3 hours per week

    Group size :   Maximum 8 participants

    Dates & Pricelist

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