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Hello and Welcome !

Talk First offers you a new approach to language learning. Frequently confronted with the limits of traditional teaching methods, Talk First is our solution to overcoming these obstacles and going beyond these limits.

Integrating the Tomatis Method® into Talk First's teaching programs is the opportunity for us to bring you an innovative method which has proved to be successful in numerous fields. Thus, the Solisten® device for language integration, the latest technology of Tomatis Development, will help you learn languages efficiently.

Your linguistic potential will be optimized with our Smart Package which will be the road to take to attain optimum performance. The Solisten program combined with our specific courses will be your opportunity to learn to listen in order to communicate better, and get the Result which Speaks for Itself. Whether it be for your career or your personal life, communication is where you have to be at your best.

We are a team which has travelled, worked and lived abroad. Being able to communicate in a foreign language has broadened and enriched our horizons, and offered us an open-mindedness and freedom we are eager to share. Benefit from our experience while achieving your goals of excellence in language learning with Talk First!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,